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About Us

Who We Are is owned and operated by PrivacyMint, LLC, a registered limited liability company. 

Owners Mat and Juliet live on a small island in the Southeastern United States, and enjoy the blessings of friendship and community. With a background in electrical engineering and Linux system administration, Mat began experimenting with Android "Custom ROMs" to completely "de-google" his digital life.  He enjoyed the immediate benefits of privacy with LineageOS on a pre-owned Huawei Nexus 6P. As Big Tech data collection, location tracking, and censorship increased, Mat noticed friends and family were eager to learn about privacy phones, especially those running CalyxOS and GrapheneOS. Today Mat and Juliet operate a small business, meeting people everyday who are boldly choosing freedom over Big Tech tyranny. Every client is a new friend on the road to liberation.

We give God the glory in every way: to do what we love, to find truth, and to help others.

What We Do

We make privacy-friendly digital devices available to people around the world. Consider us your one-stop-shop for de-googled phones, tablets, bootable USB flash drives, Linux laptops and other digital devices all running on the Linux kernel. For everyone ready to reclaim their privacy, we offer a simple solution: affordable like-new devices preloaded with privacy-respecting software that work out of the box.

Our Calling

  • Create broad acceptance of privacy-friendly digital devices
  • Inform others of their right to digital privacy and liberty
  • Remove Big Tech and state-sponsored censorship and surveillance from homes and businesses
  • Advocate for decentralized, and open-source solutions that include devices, operating systems, networks, applications, and other technologies

Our Guiding Principles

  • Celebrate each person's free will and right to liberty and privacy (not being surveilled, censored or manipulated)
  • Success is measured by the relationships we build and the people we help, not by the bottom line
  • Avoid "woke" organizations that promote or condone globalism, new world order, the great reset and critical race theory
  • Embrace small businesses, local supply chain, and the Parallel Economy