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20 Sep 30 Days with DivestOS
Mat 0 68
Background I found DivestOS while scanning Privacy Guides in the section on Android operating systems. Although it is a soft fork of LineageOS, the developer has managed to create..
07 Jul Best Privacy News & Resources
Mat 0 182
Who doesn't like a top 10 list? After many hours of researching personal privacy practices online, I discovered I was returning to the same core group of websites. The sites listed..
15 Jan Top Privacy-Friendly Android Apps
Mat 0 562
Apps from Google, Apple, and Facebook have a reputation for spying on their users.  A fresh, privacy-friendly alternative are apps from the F-Droid repository. Apps on F-Droid are ..
13 Jan Choosing a Mobile Phone Carrier
Mat 0 359
Introduction We've all had experiences and frustrations with cellular carriers, but do any stand out for respecting customers' privacy? In the US, regardless of the carrier, all ce..
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