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08 Aug Exploring Ubuntu Touch on a Pixel 3a XL
Mat 0 1231
Ubuntu Touch is an open-source Linux distribution for mobile devices in active development by the UBports community. The project's goal is to give users privacy and freedom of choi..
20 Sep 30 Days with DivestOS
Mat 0 2483
Background I found DivestOS while scanning Privacy Guides in the section on Android operating systems. Although it is a soft fork of LineageOS, the developer has managed to create..
07 Jul Best Privacy Guides & Resources
Mat 0 2380
We encourage everyone to be privacy-minded and actively claim their right to privacy! To help you along your journey, we have assembled a collection of online resources, some we've..
15 Jan Best Privacy-Friendly Android Apps
Mat 0 5875
Apps from Google, Apple, and Facebook have a reputation for spying on their users.  A fresh, privacy-friendly alternative are apps from the F-Droid repository. Apps on F-Droid are ..
13 Jan Choosing a Mobile Phone Carrier
Mat 0 2415
Introduction We've all had experiences and frustrations with cellular carriers, but do any stand out for respecting customers' privacy? In the US, regardless of the carrier, all ce..
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