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05 Dec DivestOS Setup Guide
Mat 0 308
In this guide, we walk through the steps to get DivestOS up and running on your mobile device. This guide assumes you have a new installation of DivestOS. Please read the instructi..
29 Oct Degoogled Pixel 8 with GrapheneOS for Sale
Mat 0 494
GrapheneOS Official Support Fans of custom ROMs and degoogled phones can celebrate now that the first official build of GrapheneOS has been released for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. Goog..
19 Oct Complete Guide to JMP Phone Service
Mat 0 714
In this guide we explain Jabber and XMPP, the new phone service, how to get your own phone number, and the various ways of using the service. We've partnered with JMP to p..
03 Sep /e/OS Setup Guide
Mat 0 550
In this guide, we go through the steps to initialize and configure /e/OS on your mobile device. This guide assumes you have a new installation of /e/OS. Please read the instruction..
08 Aug Exploring Ubuntu Touch on a Pixel 3a XL
Mat 0 661
Ubuntu Touch is an open-source Linux distribution for mobile devices in active development by the UBports community. The project's goal is to give users privacy and freedom of choi..
04 Aug Transfer Files Between Windows PC and Android Phone
Mat 0 591
Not only can you charge your phone's battery by connecting it to a USB port on your computer, but you can establish file transfer. The ability to transfer files between your PC or ..
12 May How To De-google Your Phone
Mat 0 791
After a lot of internet searching about "de-googling", you've arrived at our website. One lingering question is "exactly how do I 'de-google' my smartphone?", or more specifically ..
10 Jan How Software Updates Work on a Degoogled Phone
Mat 0 1354
In this article, we'll discuss how degoogled phones and tablets receive software updates to the operating system, as compared to a stock Android device. We'll discuss terminology, ..
27 Nov Enhance Privacy with Multiple User Profiles
0 787
What are Multiple User profiles? The Multiple Users feature was added to Android 5.0 Lollipop. User profiles let you share your Android phone or tablet with others without sharing..
12 Nov How I Degoogled My Life
Mat 0 1115
Mat is co-owner and operator of and this is his story of how he threw Big Tech in the garbage and reclaimed his privacy... Why Degoogle?This isn't a "how-to" g..
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