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Degoogled Privacy Phones

Ready to degoogle your life? If you are tired of targeted ads, having your conversations recorded and your daily habits documented on Big Tech servers, then a degoogled Android privacy phone is the solution for you. Have you ever wondered "Is my smartphone spying on me?". If you carry an iPhone or Google's Android, the answer is "Yes!". Thankfully, it's not difficult to begin degoogling your life. Modified Android devices have come a long way thanks to grass-roots projects like GrapheneOS, LineageOS, and CalyxOS. Degoogled privacy phones run auditable open-source software. All Google proprietary software is removed, and services like Play store are replaced with privacy-friendly app repositories. The result is a secure and reliable smartphone free of Big Tech's data harvesting, location tracking, and surveillance. Browse through our inventory of in-stock phones and contact us if you have any questions. All of our devices are pre-owned, inspected, and given a condition grade so you know exactly what you're getting.

A Privacy Phone for Everyone

Not just for journalists, political dissidents, cypher-punks, activists, or hackers... everyone deserves a privacy-friendly, open-source phone that won't censor, track or spy on you.

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How We Inspect Pre-owned Devices

In this video, learn how we inspect pre-owned mobile phones and tablets. Mat explains the software diagnostic check, the grading system, and packaging and shipping process.

Recommended Android Apps

This list represents many hours of testing and research. Every app we select is open source, privacy-friendly and tested to work on our de-googled privacy phones. While there are many great apps, these are our personal favorites. Use F-Droid or Aurora Store to install the apps on your privacy phone.

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