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VoIP phone service
only $4.99/mo

What is JMP? is similar to a Voice over IP (VoIP) service for your mobile phone but so much more. It's a private gateway to the telephone network.

JMP bridges the traditional phone network with Jabber - a decentralized, federated, and encrypted communication standard powered by XMPP. Using JMP's Cheogram app, or compatible XMPP client, voice calls and text messages are encrypted from the user's device to the JMP server, shielding your data from your ISP or mobile carrier.

Features You'll Love

Keep Your Identity Private
No personal information is collected at sign up. All that is required is a Jabber ID, similar to an email address.
Communicate on Every Device
Send and receive voice calls and text messages on all your devices at once. Choose from a variety of open-source mobile and desktop apps.
Easy Payment Options
Pay as you go. No contract required. Top up any time with Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, credit card, or pay by mail.
Auditable Source Code
All software is auditable, open and transparent. You are invited to inspect the source code and even submit fixes and feature requests.
Encrypted Communication
Voice and text data is encrypted from your device to the JMP server, shielding your data from your ISP or mobile carrier.
Multiple Phone Numbers
Use different numbers for different purposes under one account. Separate contacts by phone number: friends and family, professional contacts, and sign-up verification codes.
First Month is Free.

We've partnered with JMP to offer you a privacy-focused phone service that complements de-googled privacy devices.

Customers who have purchased a digital device from us get their first month of service for free. Request your Jabber ID to get started.

Simple Plan, Great Service!

Pay only $4.99 USD or $6.59 CAD per month, billed from your account balance.

Select a USA or Canada-based phone number or port your existing number
Use alongside, or instead of a traditional wireless carrier subscription

Free and Open Technology.

By signing up for JMP phone service, you are partnering with a group of developers who believe strongly in the importance of open-source and freedom-respecting technology.

We are proud to support JMP!