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29 Oct Degoogled Pixel 8 with GrapheneOS for Sale
Mat 0 216
GrapheneOS Official Support Fans of custom ROMs and degoogled phones can celebrate now that the first official build of GrapheneOS has been released for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. Goog..
03 Sep /e/OS Setup Guide
Mat 0 342
In this guide, we go through the steps to initialize and configure /e/OS on your mobile device. This guide assumes you have a new installation of /e/OS. Please read the instruction..
12 May How To De-google Your Phone
Mat 0 617
After a lot of internet searching about "de-googling", you've arrived at our website. One lingering question is "exactly how do I 'de-google' my smartphone?", or more specifically ..
10 Jan How Software Updates Work on a Degoogled Phone
Mat 0 1150
In this article, we'll discuss how degoogled phones and tablets receive software updates to the operating system, as compared to a stock Android device. We'll discuss terminology, ..
12 Nov How I Degoogled My Life
Mat 0 933
Mat is co-owner and operator of and this is his story of how he threw Big Tech in the garbage and reclaimed his privacy... Why Degoogle?This isn't a "how-to" g..
05 Nov LineageOS Setup Guide
Mat 0 1022
In this guide, we walk through the steps to get LineageOS or LineageOS for microG up and running on your mobile device. This guide assumes you have a new installation of LineageOS...
20 Sep 30 Days with DivestOS
Mat 0 1706
Background I found DivestOS while scanning Privacy Guides in the section on Android operating systems. Although it is a soft fork of LineageOS, the developer has managed to create..
19 Sep GrapheneOS Setup Guide
Mat 0 1544
In this guide, we walk through the steps to get GrapheneOS up and running on your de-googled device. We'll cover the initial setup, installing and configuring apps, migrating conta..
27 Aug How To Use a SIM Card and Stay Anonymous
Mat 0 1481
If your goal is privacy and anonymity while using a smartphone you may ask the question, "Is there a way to be truly anonymous?" This can only be answered by understanding how a mo..
07 Jul Best Privacy Guides & Resources
Mat 0 1154
We encourage everyone to be privacy-minded and actively claim their right to privacy! The sites listed below advocate for individual privacy and provide valuable information to tho..
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