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29 Oct Degoogled Pixel 8 with GrapheneOS for Sale
Mat 0 841
GrapheneOS Official Support Fans of custom ROMs and degoogled phones can celebrate now that the first official build of GrapheneOS has been released for the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. Goog..
27 Nov Enhance Privacy with Multiple User Profiles
0 982
What are Multiple User profiles? The Multiple Users feature was added to Android 5.0 Lollipop. User profiles let you share your Android phone or tablet with others without sharing..
12 Nov How I Degoogled My Life
Mat 0 1281
Mat is co-owner and operator of and this is his story of how he threw Big Tech in the garbage and reclaimed his privacy... Why Degoogle?This isn't a "how-to" g..
27 Aug How To Use a SIM Card and Stay Anonymous
Mat 0 3365
If your goal is privacy and anonymity while using a smartphone you may ask the question, "Is there a way to be truly anonymous?" This can only be answered by understanding how a mo..
07 Jul Best Privacy Guides & Resources
Mat 0 2202
We encourage everyone to be privacy-minded and actively claim their right to privacy! The sites listed below advocate for individual privacy and provide valuable information to tho..
13 Apr Turn Off Sensors on Android with Quick Settings Tile
Mat 0 774
An option was added for developers in Android 10 called "Sensors Off" that adds a "quick settings tile" in the quick settings tray and allows the user to completely turn off all se..
15 Jan Best Privacy-Friendly Android Apps
Mat 0 5270
Apps from Google, Apple, and Facebook have a reputation for spying on their users.  A fresh, privacy-friendly alternative are apps from the F-Droid repository. Apps on F-Droid are ..
26 Dec Choosing Your Operating System
Mat 0 3335
Introduction When choosing an operating system for your mobile device, CalyxOS is an ideal choice if this is your first de-googled experience. It is user-friendly and comes with a..
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